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The products shown here are ETG CANTEQ off the shelf items. We will also supply any of these products customised to your own specification. Please contact RFS Consultancy to discuss your requirements, once we have agreed product details and specifications we will arrange for you to be supplied and invoiced directly by ETG CANTEQ.

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ETG-Canteq supplies simple flanged straight pieces of waveguide and combinations of waveguide and flexible waveguide including 90 degree "E" and "H" Bends. These assemblies are built to customer specific ations and they are available in waveguide sizes from WR284 to WR28.

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Adaptors are used to change from one transmission line to another, from coaxial to waveguide or vice versa. Our adaptors employ a dielectric loaded probe which combined with the position of the short circuit behind the probe guarantees good broadband performance over the whole waveguide band. Exceptional VSWR is achieved when the adaptors are optimized to 10% of the waveguide band. ETG-Canteq's waveguide to coaxial adaptors are available inlype "N" and "SMA" connectors.

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ETG-Canteq's crossguide couplers are small in size, offer directivity better than 20 dB and a flat coupling response. These couplers are most commonly used to monitor and control forward and reverse power in microwave subsystems due to its reliability and precision.

Canteq supplies single, double and triple crossguide couplers in a variety of forms. The form most widely used is the one of a main arm with flanged input and output ports, the secondary arm has a built-in termination and the coupled output is coaxial typically with SMA orN type connectors.

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Our Broadwall Directional Coupler is a high performance unit due to a multihole arrangement in the broadwall common to both secondary and main arms. It is essentially a four port device where one of its ports has been terminated and matched in order to obtain high directivity. The advantages of this device are its low VSWR, flat response over the full waveguide band and directivity greater than 40 dB. They can also be supplied as a complete Test Setup in a carrying case that can be shipped in airplanes for on site tests.

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Our waveguide hybrid coupler is a 4 port device which is generally built with a casting with a standard coupling of 3dBs. These couplers offer a good directivity, a high power carrying capacity in an exceptional compact size. Other asymmetrical coupling values can be built with a very flat wide response coupler as shown .

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High Power Couplers


The VPC is a four port device. Two inputs and two outputs The VPC also known as variable ratio combiner (VRC) is generally used to send two high power signals at different frequencies and power levels to one common output. The VPC works as a dynamic variable power splitter. Thus the output power level of both output signals seem to be linked together in the sense that an increase in one output signal level corresponds to a decrease in the other output signal level.

This is accomplished by varying the position of the polarizer under full power conditions which makes the VPC the most versatile combiner in the industry.

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Variable Power Combiners

FLEXIBLE WAVEGUIDE Flexible Waveguides

We offer a full line of convoluted twistable flexible and corrugated seamless flexible waveguide.
The advantage of the High Power seamless flex is that is 100 % RF leakage free and does not require a jacket to be pressurized. Flexible waveguides are used to isolate vibration and help with tolerance build-ups on long complex transmission line installations

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TERMINATIONS/LOADS Terminations/loads

ETG-Canteq supplies low, medium and high power loads. Our terminations are designed to terminate a transmission line with the lowest possible reflection over the operating frequency band. Our low power terminations use specially designed and shaped dissipative elements manufactured with iron loaded resins which are capable of absorbing the RF signal without loss of performance. Our high power terminations are extremely compact due to the combination of a special high temperature ceramic made of silicone carbide and a special coupling technique, which presents uniform power absorption.

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Our circulators are designed to force the RF signal in a predetermined given direction in the most common transmission and receiving bands. Applications include channel combination and separation, antenna multiplexing and protection of amplifier's tube among others. An isolator is simply a waveguide circulator where one of its ports has been terminated to isolate the original source from any returning signal.

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ETG-Canteq supplies a tremendous variety of filter types including low pass filters, bandpass filters, elliptical filter and filter diplexers. In addition our product line includes extremely low loss filters, generally called transmit reject filters which are used at the receiving front end where signals are extremely weak. ETG-Canteq has also developed state of the art low loss filter diplexers for High Power DBS applications in 14 GHz and 17.5 GHz.

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HIGH POWER OUTPUT ARMS high power output arms
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ETG-Canteq has the know how and expertise to design, manufacture, integrate and test complete Waveguide Switching and Combining Networks for Earth Stations and Teleport applications. We can provide simple or very complex Networks. If Combining into one antenna is needed, Canteq has several solutions from diplexing to simple 3 dB combining or the use of our very popular Variable Power Combiner (VPC) all designed and manufacture in our plant.

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ETG-Canteq supplies a standard product line of pressure air inlets built-in the rectangular waveguide with standard flanges and standard 1/8 NPT air input as shown in the picture. Other options such as Flange Spacer Inlets are available.

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ETG-Canteq can help you with most of your waveguide hardware needs, including waveguide Hangers, Ceiling Brackets, Pressure Inlets, Waveguide Spacers (Shims), Flange Gaskets and
Screw/nuts kits. ETG-Canteq supplies waveguide sliding hangers ranging from WR430 to WR28, they are light-weight and very easy to assemble with very little hardware.

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ETG-Canteq offers a standard product line of Gasket Hardware Kits that contain all the appropriate hardware pieces for a particular flange/gasket assembly. For example, the CPR Full Gasket Kit would contain the appropriate number of bolts, nuts, lock washers, flat washers, and gasket needed for a given CPRF flange size. The CPRF Gasket Kits are available for waveguide sizes WR284 through to WR75, and UG type kits are available for waveguide sizes WR284 through to WR42.

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ETG-Canteq offers a standard product line of fabricated waveguide shims in all waveguide sizes with thickness from 0.125 to 0.500 inches. These shims are used to close a gap between two pieces of waveguide that may happened in installations due to the accumulations of tolerances. The shims flanges' follow EIA standard dimensions.

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Waveguide to waveguide Adaptors are many times needed to be able to use two different waveguide sizes over a common specific frequency band. ETG-Canteq offers a full line of STEP ADAPTORS to achieve the transformation of one waveguide into another.

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Straight waveguide flange adaptors are used to change to different flange configurations within a system or a subsystem. European flange standards are available on request.

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ROTARY JOINTS rotary microwave joints

ETG Canada offers rotary joints that are customized and configured to meet each customer's specific needs and requests. We provide a compact and rugged design with low rotational resistance and excellent electrical performance. Furthermore we can cater to a wide range of applications including but not limited to mobile, marine and radar applications.

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FILTERS / DIPLEXERS rotary microwave joints

ETG Canada offers waveguide and cavity filters which are designed and manufactured to meet each specific customer's unique requirements. Bandpass, highpass, lowpass, bandreject, harmonic reject, harmon ic absorptive and high power transmit filters are among the many filter types we offer our customers. No matter how large or small the requirement, it is our mission to produce products of the highest quality while delivering exceptional performance.

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